Recipe: Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw


Vincent’s Cole Slaw

Vincent’s is a seafood place that was opposite the Dr. Pepper plant on Mockingbird in Dallas, when I was growing up. I visited their new location in Plano, TX and confirmed Vincent’s cole slaw is as good as it used to be. Goes great with grilled or broiled seafood.

1 medium head green cabbage, shredded
1/4 c vegetable oil
1/4 c mayonnaise
1/4 c cider vinegar
3 T garlic*, very finely chopped and then smashed
1 1/2 t Kosher salt

Method: To smash garlic, chop it very fine on a cutting board then dump the salt on top. Use the flat side of a chef’s knife to rub the salt and garlic together so it becomes atomized. Transfer garlic and salt to a jar then add oil, mayo and vinegar; shake to mix. Pour over cabbage, stir to mix and allow to cure at least 2 hours. Mix again before serving.

Note: There are some truly strange recipes for Vincent’s slaw circulating on the internet, including one claiming to be “official” which would be inedible if you followed the measurements accurately. Most of them recommend soaking the cabbage in ice water overnight and this is not a bad thing to do; I tested with and without soaking and by the time the slaw is ready to serve, the difference in crispiness between soaked and non-soaked cabbage is negligible to nonexistent.

*Yep, that’s a lot of garlic!

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20 Responses to Recipe: Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw

  1. Cathy says:

    I am a fan of Vincent’s too. I am wondering what kind of vegetable oil to use. My preference would be olive oil, but I want to make it right.

    I have never smashed garlic. I am going to give it a try. Would crushed garlic in a jar work? Then, add the salt to it.


  2. Burnt My Fingers says:

    These are two great questions, Cathy. Regarding the oil, I wouldn’t use olive. I would use a neutral flavored vegetable oil–peanut or corn. Generic Wesson oil has a fishy taste to me so I would not use that. Olive oil is great but if you use it for this it will give you a different taste than the classic Vincent’s.

    Regarding smashing the garlic, you could probably use the crushed garlic with separate salt but I’d encourage you to try the technique the way I describe it. It’s just a great way to get an intense garlic taste in all kinds of recipes so it’s a good trick to know.

  3. Cathy says:

    Thank you for your comments. Your cole slaw recipe tastes just like Vincent’s. With a little practice, smashed garlic gives it “a lot of garlic” flavor.

  4. Burnt My Fingers says:

    Thanks… glad you tried it and guessing you did not use the olive oil?

  5. Cathy says:

    Your right. I used peanut oil and I am making your cole slaw recipe again today for a summer cookout. Everyone should try it!

  6. Burnt My Fingers says:

    Peanut oil is great stuff. It’s not as universally available as corn oil but worth looking for.

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  8. Lynda says:

    I can’t believe I found this recipe! My husband and I used to go to Vincent’s back in the early 1970’s when we lived in Dallas. I had found a recipe for their coleslaw back then but lost it. I’ve had many people who I served it to in my home ask me for it. I tried to remember how to make it but I could never get it right. Now I will! I have been to many restaurants in many places over the years and Vincent’s is still my favorite and this recipe is my favorite for coleslaw! Thank you!

  9. You’re very welcome, Lynda. This is definitely what you’re looking for.

  10. Lynn Thomas says:

    I am 66 years old and haven’t had this cole slaw since I was about 10. I always wanted everybody’s slaw when we went to vincents. My mother would tell me that I cook with a flair – spelled GARLIC.

  11. Hal H says:

    Vincent’s is closing their last of four restaurants in Plano, TX this Saturday, August 1st I was their earlier tonight, to have their coleslaw one last time. I have been going to Vincent’s on a very frequent basis for more than 40 years and I am very disappointed seeing the last remaining restaurant close down. I can say that tonight the coleslaw just wasn’t the normal Vincent quality as it lacked the strong garlic flavor for what it was known. After more than 117 years, R.I.P. – Vincent’s Seafood.

    • Thank you for sharing this unfortunate news, Hal. I last had a purchased container of Vincent’s cole slaw from the Plano location about 5 years ago, when I was in Dallas and wanted to do a reality check against this recipe. I’d actually planned to eat there but the menu did not appeal… the grilled Greek specialties had been replaced by safe, generic middle American seafood choices. RIP Vincent’s. At least the recipe lives on.

      • Hal H says:

        As I mentioned, I have been a 40 year customer of Vincent’s and have entertained clients and friends for lunch and dinner for years. It has been our go to restaurant for years. I have tried for years, to learn from them exactly how they prepared their specialty dish, the Snapper a la Vincent’s entrée. I am close, but have never quiet duplicated it or the coleslaw to theirs.
        Here is the first part of the article released this week. You can Google it for more information.
        PLANO (CB
        S 11 NEWS) – After more than a century of memories made over delicious meals, a long-time North Texas restaurant is shuttering its doors.
        The last location of Vincent’s Seafood will close after dinner service on Saturday night.

  12. Linda says:

    Does anyone know how to make the garlic cheese toast from Vincents?

  13. Rita Boyd says:

    I had a “hankering” for something different on New Year’s Day and stumbled across this recipe. Thanks for posting it. I miss Vincent’s and the civilized days it hardens back to. It is a different world today than it was back then. I was a mere lass getting started in business when Vincent’s was in it’s hay day. Hope I got the spelling right. 🙂 Forgive me if not. Happy New Year everyone.

    • Burnt My Fingers says:

      Thanks and welcome Rita. Happy New Year to you too. And here’s hoping for more civility all around.

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