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I am a perpetually hungry and thirsty guy situated in Saratoga Springs, NY, where good eats cannot be taken for granted. When I cook, I look for an excellent return on my investment in time, ingredients and labor. When I dine out, I am impressed by flavor and value, not white tablecloths. The one thing I cannot abide is a routine meal and I will go to unreasonable lengths to discover the new and hopefully delicious. Join me for the ride, and I’ll try to keep you well fed and entertained.

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  1. Shauna says:

    Thank you for your blog! I’m actually thinking of becoming a member in the blog world. It’s nice to finally see a local blog that I can relate too!

  2. Burnt My Fingers says:

    You’re welcome Shauna. Hope you stick around and bang a few pots and pans. Thank you for reading!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Fresh Sausage Making Class at Hickory Hill Smokehouse
    30 Minutes west of Albany. (Delanson, NY.)

  4. Yep, I let the smokehouse put their ad up. Because they are a smokehouse, and we need more of those.

  5. l used your recipe for Texas Caviar. It is wonderful. My wife even enjoyed it and she is a picky eater. Lovely blended flavors. I cooked the black eyed peas and drained them. I did not have sorghum so I used Maple Syrup. My wife asked me to make it the next time we are invited to a party to surprise and amaze the guests. Merna said it reminded her of growing up in New Jersey during the summer everyone wanted something light and refreshing. This fits the bill. Because black eyed peas are the base this is also a nutritious dish. Thanks for posting this salad. Who knew. I love to use Worcestershire Sauce with garlic. Nice mix of flavors and textures.

    • Burnt My Fingers says:

      Thank you Philip! I am glad it worked out well with the alternate ingredients. And that Merna finds it worthy of bringing to a party!

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