Our most popular recipe of 2017 is…

Three bean salad KFC style

Three bean salad KFC style (plus bonus garbanzos)

… The Colonel’s KFC Three-Bean Salad! This copycat recipe edged out perennial favorite Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw in cumulative page views over the past few weeks, and the margin is now too great to be reversed. So we’re calling it, four days early.

The source of these clicks is not hard to discern. If you google “KFC three-bean salad” you’ll see our picture at the top of the page, oddly next to someone else’s recipe. Those who try the recipe will be well rewarded for the hunt. It’s got a nice sweet-sour balance that’s just a tad more tart than KFC’s late lamented prep. And though it’s made almost entirely from canned ingredients, the dressing gives it a fresh taste. It’s a painless, delicious way to eat your veggies.

If you haven’t tried it, please make some KFC three-bean salad today and include the bonus garbanzos. Even better, try this modification using black eyed peas. Just the thing to celebrate the new year.

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