Recipe: Panzanella Sandwich, AKA Poor Man’s (or Rich Man’s) Panzanella

Panzanella Sandwich

When is a sub not a sub? When it’s a panzanella sandwich!

Panzanella is a summery Italian salad that features chunks of rustic bread tossed with vegetables and doused in vinaigrette. And guess what? You can get pretty much the same product with a few hacks to your favorite sub to make it a panzanella sandwich. Be sure to have a knife and fork handy, because this is not a sandwich you just pick up and eat.

Italian Mix Submarine Sandwich with oil-and-vinegar dressing (see ordering instructions below)
Additional red wine vinegar as needed
Additional salt as needed
Additional oregano as needed
Additional olive oil as needed

Method: order your preferred Italian Mix Sub combo with “extra dressing”. This will mean different things depending on where you buy it. I got my base material at Jersey Mike’s, a pretty good chain, where if you order “Mike’s Way” they will shower the sandwich with a liberal amount of oil, vinegar and oregano.

After you get it home, take the sandwich apart and inspect it. Often one side of the bun is left undressed. Lubricate that with extra vinegar, salt and oregano (maybe oil too, but my guess is there is already enough oil on the bread at this point). Wrap it up again and refrigerate several hours or overnight.

For presentation, carefully unwrap the now-sodden sandwich and cut into sections. Serve with knife, fork and plenty of napkins.

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