Recipe: Sauce Packet Salad Dressing

Sauce Packet Salad Dressing

Sauce Packet Salad Dressing

You hate to throw out that bag of leftover salad greens from your hotel, but your bottled salad dressing won’t make it through security at the airport. What to do? Grab some sauce packets from the food vendors* and make Sauce Packet Salad Dressing! Serves 1-2, depending.

3 mayonnaise packets
1 or more yellow mustard packets (this is an essential ingredient since prepared mustard is mostly vinegar)
1 ketchup packet (optional)
1 relish packet (optional)

Method: mix mayonnaise and mustard in a small bowl, in a 3/1 ratio by volume (the packets are likely to have different weights). Adjust to taste by adding more mayo/mustard as needed. You now have something similar to ranch dressing. For Catalina French dressing, add a squirt of ketchup. For Thousand Island dressing, add part of a relish packet. Mix with salad greens, and enjoy.

*Maybe you should buy a drink so you don’t feel guilty snitching the packets.

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