Recipe: Sweet Smoke Cocktail

Sweet Smoke Cocktail

Sweet Smoke Cocktail

We have an excellent local bar called Hamlet & Ghost where I was introduced to the Don Lockwood, a cocktail combining  rye-heavy bourbon and smoky Islay Scotch. (Don Lockwood is the character Gene Kelly plays in Singin’ in the Rain; you would need to go to the Dutch Kills bar in Long Island City, where this drink originated, to find out the connection.) Loved it, but felt there was something missing. Aha: add a leaf of a bitter aromatic, muddled as for a mint julep. Check it out.

1 oz good bourbon (I used Evan Williams)
1 oz peaty Scotch (H&G used Laphroaig, I used something proprietary; don’t overthink this because smoke is more important than refinement)
Squirt of bitters
1 t maple syrup (Grade B preferred)
1 shiso leaf or 3 mint leaves plus more for garnish
Meyer lemon or orange zest for garnish

Method: muddle herb leaves with syrup and bitters. Add alcohol and mix thoroughly. Add ice, garnish and serve.

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2 Responses to Recipe: Sweet Smoke Cocktail

  1. I used to prefer Wild Turkey Bourbon. My father, born and raised in Kentucky recommended this brand to me. Five years ago, I switched to Buffalo Trace. For the last six months, I have changed to Evan Williams. I like it with a small cube of ice, no need to make a fancy cocktail when Evan Williams has aroma and flavor while cooling in an ice bath.

    • Burnt My Fingers says:

      I like Evan Williams too as you can see. And though I used a more expensive Islay for my experiment I would actually gravitate to Laphroaig which is not cheap, but not a wallet killer and tastes like a mouthful of a burned down grass hut.

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