Foor for Thought: My New Roots

I found my way to Sarah Britton’s My New Roots blog because Josey Baker credited her as the inspiration for his Adventure Bread. (She calls it the “Life-Changing Loaf of Bread”.)  Britton is a nutritionist, originally from New York, who has lived in Copenhagen for a number of years. In addition to the blog she seems to have a very successful business running health retreats starting at 3200 Euros for a week.

Britton says she has an eating disorder called “orthorexia” which is an obsession with healthy food—that’s pretty hard core, and not something I expect many Burnt My Fingers share. Nonetheless her recipes are wildly inventive and, if you ever feel like laying off the pickled tripe and try some healthy eating, this would be as good a place to start as any. Case in point: frozen hot chocolate made with a secret ingredient: cauliflower. Like I said, pretty hard core. Check it out.

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