More nuggets and nibbles from the Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show

Mother in Laws Kimchi

Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi at Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show (that’s the actual MIL on the right)

Korean! That’s the food trend that is about to come into its own, if the many Korean-focused exhibitors at the Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show are any guide. We will finally replace sriracha with gochugang, stock our fridges with two or three varieties of gut-healthy kimchi, and rub our ribeye with custom spices to turn them into bulgogi. It’s about time.

Jerky was everywhere at the show, including an inspiring kelp version from Beyond The Shoreline. (They’re about to launch a kickstarter-like funding drive on, which says it is “crowdfunding for food+beverage”). Also everywhere: cold-brewed coffee, including on-tap versions that are infused with nitrogen for an extra wake-up boost.

Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee was everywhere.

Fat Snax is a high fat cookie developed at the CommonWealth Kitchen in Brooklyn. They replace sugar and carbs with just more fat for “keto and paleo friends”. Tasted okay… but I think most commercial cookies are already pretty high fat. Developed at the same incubator, and possibly less healthy, is Boonbox. It starts with jerky then adds freeze-dried or dehydrated veggies and fruit for a complete meal you can eat in your cubbie or bunker. Tasted good, but I wanted more food right after.

On the completely unhealthy but delicious side, Laceys are a product I would definitely buy myself. If your problem is deciding between cookie and toffee… why choose? These guys offer “crisp toffee wafer cookies sandwiched with deliciously rich melted chocolate.”

Bursting Boba

Bursting Boba!

Perhaps, like me, you have been taking the bubble tea phenomenon for granted. But somebody has to provide the equipment and the training to make the little nuggets at the bottom of the drinks. That would be Most bubbles are made of chewy tapioca in a different flavor than the tea. Their new Bursting Boba is hollow, created through the alginate spherification technique, and bursts with flavor (“like caviar”) when you bite into it.

On a side note, I highly recommend the Sheraton Four Points on 40th St if you can get a good rate for a stay. It’s within walking distance of Javits (much faster to walk than travel on a shuttle bus) and has had a recent renovation. Across the street is the imposing, but not scary, Port Authority bus terminal and there are many places to eat wihin steps on 9th Ave. I paid $135, not including tax, which is a great rate for summer in NYC. Note, there is another Four Points nearby but stay at this one—much more interesting neighborhood.

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