Food for Thought: Emily Contois

Thank you internet, for bringing me Emily Contois. (Actually, thank you WordPress, which featured her blog on a showcase page.) Here is a Brown PhD candidate who has written her dissertation on “Dude Food” and blogs about such topics as “Food Themed Protest Posters” (actually that post is an interview with the author of the equally fascinating Food and Resistance site). In short, someone who delves into all aspects of the relationship of food and our social fabric… exactly what we need.

For me, the┬ámost interesting stuff is at the bottom of the page, from the blog before she got serious about her graduate studies. That’s where you’ll find such articles as “Tofu & Tapenade? The Unspoken Food Rules of Football” and “Food & Chefs as Sexual Metaphor in Romance Novels” which in turn contains a link to “Porn Sex vs. Real Sex: The Differences Explained with Food” on YouTube. (Be warned, that last is an autoplay… extremely NSFW.) Check it out.

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