Can I turn leftover Buffalo wings into Korean Fried Chicken?

KFC from Buffalo Wings

Best Way Buffalo Wings, respawned as Korean chicken

“I’m sick of wings now that the Super Bowl is over,” writes no one in particular. “Is there any way I can turn leftover Buffalo wings into Korean Fried Chicken wings?”

Yes, though there’s a small caveat. Unless your wings were breaded or battered to begin with, they won’t soak up as much sauce as from-scratch KFC. But they’re still mighty good, and a nice change of pace that will rekindle your enthusiasm for these fatty extremities.

Method: make the sauce according to our recipe for Korean Fried Chicken or Easy Korean Chicken, adjusting the proportions for the amount of wings you have. Heat the wings in the microwave or on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven until they are sizzling. Transfer to a metal or glass bowl with tongs so the Buffalo sauce drips off and stays behind. Toss with the Korean chicken sauce and allow to rest at room temperature for at least two hours, then serve.

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