Recipe: Skillet Steak

Skillet Steak

Skillet Steak after about 1/2 has been consumed, it was that good

This is a very simple recipe that may produce the best steak you have ever had.

Cast iron skillet
Steak that is not larger than the skillet
Kosher salt
Other seasonings of your choice

Method: Heat your seasoned cast iron skillet until it is very hot. (It will start to throw off vapors.) Sprinkle a generous amount of Kosher salt inside the skillet and slap down the steak. Season the “up” side with a flavoring of your choice; I use Burger House seasoning. After a couple of minutes, flip the steak. (If you happen to have some precooked potatoes or other veggies you’d like to enjoy with the steak, toss them in now.)

Let the steak cook on its second side for a minute then turn off the heat and let it rest 10 minutes. Serve, for one of the best steaks you’ve ever enjoyed.

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