Recipe: Two-Minute Cole Slaw

Two Minute Cole Slaw

Two-Minute Cole Slaw

One minute in express checkout line + one minute mixing ingredients = two-minute cole slaw. And it’s pretty good for the time invested. You do need to let it sit an hour or so before serving, however. Inspired by Laura Novostad’s Confetti Slaw in Robb Walsh’s BBQ cookbook; she told him she came up with the recipe because her Taylor TX diners were no longer content with canned peaches as the only side dish. Serves 4-6.

14-oz package cole slaw mix (OR equivalent amount of shredded green cabbage/red cabbage/carrots)
1/2 c Wishbone or other bottled Italian dressing
A little chopped onion (maybe 2 T for the 14-oz cole slaw package)
Cider or white vinegar to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

Method: Toss the cole slaw mix with the dressing then refrigerate 1 hour before serving. If you have a bit of patience, taste and add salt and vinegar if needed to round it out.

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