More photos from my trip to Snow’s Barbecue

Door to Snow's Barbecue

Front door to Snow’s Barbecue in Lexington, TX: when you finally reach it on a Saturday morning, you are about to enjoy a life-changing experience.

Snow's Brisket and Pork Shoulder

This time I sampled the smoked pork shoulder (at right) along with my brisket. A bit dry but very tender.

Smoked Chicken at Snow's BBQ.

Also tried the half chicken at $5.50 (short joint shown here). Same rub as the beef, succulent and perfect. No reason not to toss a couple of these into your bag.

Tootsie and Ian

And here’s one of our barbecue neophytes, Ian Saltwick, hanging out with Pitmistress Tootsie. Photo credit: Steve Saltwick

One tends to act like a deer in the headlights when one finally gets to the front of the line at Snow’s, but it’s much more than brisket and ribs. Here are few more memories from last weekend’s visit.

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