Recipe: Mandram (Chopped Vegetable Salad)



Mandram is a chopped vegetable salad that may have originated in the West Indies, according to Mandrang or Mandram | The Vintage Cookbook Trials. I learned about it from my friend Judy Cromwell, who provides her own history with the dish in a guest post. It’s refreshing and pleasant on its own or can be used as a relish. Makes about a quart.

1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and rough chopped
2 large tomatoes, peeled with a paring knife, seeded, and rough chopped*
1/4 red onion or sweet Vidalia onion, rough chopped (less if the onion is really strong)
1 green pepper, seeded, inner white parts removed, and roughly chopped
1 T rice vinegar (not sweetened sushi vinegar, just plain rice vinegar)
3 T safflower or other vegetable oil
½ t Kosher salt
¼ t ground pepper

Method: prepare the vegetables as described, mix with liquids and salt and pepper in a serving bowl. Refrigerate at least an hour; it will throw off additional liquid during that time. Serve as a side salad or for spooning on meats and savory items.

*Judy told me her mother always peeled tomatoes with a paring knife so I tried it and it works. Best if the tomatoes are on the ripe side so the skin is loose. The results are similar to my standard method which is to parboil tomatoes until the skins split, but faster because you don’t have to wait for the water to boil.

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