Recipe: Secret Recipe Ramen Burger

Mmm... Ramen Burger

Secret Recipe Ramen Burger towers above conventional counterparts

Don’t be distracted by those ironic burgers using dried ramen noodles instead of a bun. If you like ramen and you like burgers, here’s the secret way to have the best ramen burger. Makes 4 burgers.

1 lb. good quality ground beef
Noodles from 1 package dried ramen noodles for soup (I used Shin Ramyun)
1 vegetable packet from the ramen package
1/2 to 1 spice packet from the ramen package (if you use the full packet it will be pretty spicy)
1/4 c beer (I used Ithaca Flower Power) or soju

Ramen Burger mis en place

Ramen Burger mis en place

Method: Crumble up the ramen noodles and mix into the ground beef along with the seasoning packet ingredients and beer. Allow to rest 1 hour for flavors to mix and beer to be absorbed by the ramen. Shape into 4 patties and cook according to your preferred method. Serve with standard burger condiments or experiment with sriracha mayo, kimchee etc.

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