Recipe: Carrot Pineapple Jello

Carrot Pineapple Jello

Carrot Pineapple Jello with a squirt of Kewpie mayo

I was going to share my family’s Southern recipe for carrot pineapple jello, until I found this version which really is superior. I’ve only made minor tweaks for better management of proportions. Serves 8.

1 3-oz package jello, lemon or orange flavor (we traditionally used orange, but I think lemon is better)
1 c boiling water
1/2 c ice water
1/2 c pineapple juice
1/4 c crushed pineapple from can (do not use fresh pineapple)
1/2 t lemon juice
pinch salt
1 c grated* carrots

Method: Pour boiling water over jello in a glass or metal bowl and stir until jello is completely dissolved, about 2 minutes. Add salt, lemon juice, ice water and pineapple juice and stir to mix. Refrigerate 45 minutes until jello is just beginning to set up. Transfer to a mold or flat-bottom glass tray and stir in carrots and pineapple. Refrigerate until firm, about 4 hours. Cut into serving pieces (if it sticks to the pan, place it briefly in a tray of hot water) and top with a bit of mayo (ideally Kewpie brand) before serving as salad course or dessert.

  • Grate the carrots with the stems facing into your box grater or other device. If you do it the long way you’ll end up with beautiful long strands which are impractical to cut and serve.
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