Tactical Bacon… the perfect holiday gift, but for whom?

Tactical bacon

Tactical bacon and its can

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for the person who has everything but hope? Tactical bacon, or tac-bac, may fit the bill. You get 9 oz in a $20 can which, since it’s already cooked, is in line with supermarket prices. But the beauty part is, this can will serve you in your fallout shelter or prepper sanctuary long after the supermarket has been blown to smithereens or taken over by zombies.

There’s lots of commentary on the Think Geek site that suggests this bacon is not only long-lasting, but delicious. Canadians are upset because it won’t ship out of the country but come on, you guys have pemmican, the original prepper food. I’m sure it’s loaded with those pesky nitrites but when the world has gone to hell that will probably be the least of your worries.

Tactical Bacon for Christmas, from Think Geek. Get it here. Right now they have free shipping when you use code SHIPUS. Domestic only, sorry.

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