Saratoga Wine and Food Festival leaves satisfactory aftertaste

Dinosaur pulled pork slider

Pulled pork slider and some tasty beans from Dinosaur BBQ

Last weekend’s Saratoga Wine and Food Festival seemed a bit more laid back than in prior years. The crowds were just a bit lighter and as a result the lines were short and there was plenty of room for standing around and savoring the food and beverages.

Connoisseur Tent

Connoisseur Tent buffet, from Healthy Living Market

I did dip into the Connoisseur’s Tent which was almost like cheating: a magnificent buffet from Healthy Living Market that left the festival goer near satiation before the real tasting ever began. So if you didn’t make the extra investment and stayed with the Grand Tasting, don’t feel left out.

I have a couple of really, really good tips for festivalgoers to make the most of the occasion, but I am going to save them for next year when they will be of more use. Why is it that newspaper food and entertainment sections always report on these events after they’re over, so all you can do is regret what you missed or feel bad somebody tasted a treat you didn’t? Maybe it’s to share the recipes, and I’ve got a good one from New World Catering’s Ric Orlando coming up.

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