Food for Thought: So Delushious

[Update November 2016: I’m leaving this post up for archival reasons since it still gets quite a few clicks. However, the links have been removed because the So Delushious blog appears to be inactive. (Maybe because Chrissy Teigen wants you to buy her cookbook?) If you want to check it yourself the URL is sodelushious dot com.]

I ran across the So Delushious blog while comparing Caesar Salad recipes. Turns out the author is Chrissy Teigen, a swimsuit model who has an intense relationship with food. (Or, as she puts it, “a girl who loves bacon and can’t be fat.”) This contradiction has given her quite a bit of angst, along with a potty mouth to rival David Chang’s.

There’s plenty that has nothing to do with food and may actually cause you to lose your appetite, like the post that’s currently on her home page*, but if you breeze past that stuff you will be rewarded with some solid recipes and food reviews.

*Alas, Chrissy’s gone mainstream since this post was written, what with the TV show and new baby and all, and the more colorful stuff has been scrubbed from her blog.

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