Two formidable e-cookbooks from Inkling

Modernist Cuisine at Home

Free preview chapter of Modernist Cuisine at Home, eBook version

My promised post on best paid cooking apps will have to wait, because the folks at Inkling contacted me with a bunch of free content to promote two cookbook powerhouses that are available in electronic form through them, Modernist Cuisine at Home and The Professional Chef. Both of these deserve serious consideration from any serious cook, and you can sample the content and the format through the links below.

I’ve just started exploring Modernist Cuisine at Home (the print edition) after struggling through the massive, multi-volume Modernist Cuisine last year. The home version is far more accessible, with scores of recipes you might actually prepare. Inkling is offering a preview chapter called “A Modernist Meal at Home” which includes a number of recipes, and also individual recipes for Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and Potato Puree which are not available on the web.

The Professional Chef is published by the Culinary Institute of America and has been an esteemed reference for decades. The available free chapter is a very valuable one on soups; to make soup you need stock and stock recipes are available in pop-up windows, so this chapter ends up providing much of the foundational knowledge you’d get in a hot kitchen class.

Both the books make excellent use of the eBook format, including instructional videos and  links to related content that are a lot more manageable in the kitchen than flipping back and forth in a printed cookbook. As it happens, both are also available as apps but Inkling’s Amelia Salyers convinced me you’re better off buying them directly from the website because then you can access them both on your mobile device (through the Inkling app) and on your computer. I noticed that reading books through the Inkling app involves quite a bit of memory, so you’ll have to clear out some of those old videos and photos and games your kid sneakily installed. But it’s worth doing. Go check it out.


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