Is head cheese safe to take on an airplane?

Kuby's Sour Head Cheese

Kuby’s Sour Head Cheese

At a family event in Dallas this past weekend, I asked my sister to pick up some of the wonderful sour head cheese at Kuby’s German deli so I could bring it home to New York. Then ensued a lively debate about whether head cheese is safe to carry on a plane. I think this was fueled partly by some confusion about what head cheese actually is. If it’s too gooey/fluid it might set off the prohibited liquids alarms, if not the revulsion ones.

Problem solved, because I wrapped it in a plastic bag and checked my luggage. Got a TSA inspection slip, but the head cheese emerged intact. Unfortunately, it was then devoured (near a pound of the stuff) within a few hours of arrival. So head cheese may be safe on Southwest, but not in my kitchen.

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