Christina Tosi’s Halloween Snack Mix

Christina Tosi Snack Mix

Too much candy, not enough pretzels

Did anybody else try this recipe for Halloween Snack Mix? It was on the Food & Wine website yesterday. You take 2 cups of broken pretzels and toss with some melted butter, powdered dry milk, brown and granulated sugar and heat in a 275 degree oven for 25 minutes. Meanwhile you cut 12 oz of mini candy bars into 1/2 inch squares. Cool the pretzel mix, toss with the candy, and walla!

I was instantly suspicious because the proportions didn’t seem right… not enough pretzels. And the very low oven is not going to do anything to transform the ingredients. Then I noticed the recipe was from 2011, before Tosi achieved her current visibility. Maybe it was something she tossed off that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

We heated the melange in the microwave for a bit and allowed it to solidify into something more interesting. But the proportions are still wrong and next year I’ll try my own concoction. Meanwhile, if you still have Halloween leftovers, you might want to experiment with Michael Bauer’s Snack Mix… the secret ingredient is bacon fat!

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