Favorite recipes from Burnt My Fingers

How many recipes has Burnt My Fingers published? Certainly over a couple hundred. Here are my personal favorite recipes among them.

  1. Easy Blender Gazpacho. This is everything that Burnt My Fingers stands for: it’s easy, cheap and delicious. No reason to eat somebody else’s gazpacho when you can make this in your kitchen in minutes for pennies.

  2. Carnitas. Another very easy and delicious recipe. Get a pork butt. Cut it up. Put in a big pot and cover with water. Cook for hours and hours until the water is all gone and the meat crisps in the rendered fat. Done.

  3. My Brisket Recipe, Revisited. Follow this very simple recipe and you will have brisket that is vastly better than 99% of the stuff foisted off as “Barbecue” or “BBQ” or the shameful and disrespectful “’Cue”. Actually I’m surprised it didn’t make my readers’ top 5 in popularity.

  4. Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw. I love cole slaw and have published an inordinate number of cole slaw recipes. This is my personal favorite, along with everybody else’s. It’s quick and easy and made with ingredients I usually have around the house and you should too, like lots of garlic.

  5. General Tso’s Shrimp with Garlic Sauce. I missed the shrimp with garlic sauce at Taiwan on San Francisco’s Clement Street and tried to improvise my own. To my surprise it ended up better than the original with an excellence balance of sweet/hot/sour.

Next: we’ll wrap up with five recipes that deserve a lot more attention than they’ve received. There’s still time to vote for your favorites, if you like… just comment below or email.

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