Chef’s farm-to-table meal at All Good Bakers in Albany


Salad of bitter greens and raw beets with smoked duck breast. Johnnycake with sriracha melted butter for dipping.

I was happy to participate in the first ever farm-to-table meal at All Good Bakers, whom I wrote about this time last year when they were primarily a vegan restaurant. Britin’s excellent house-made butter became the crossover drug and they have progressed to veg-friendly to full-on carnivorous for those who want it. In the process they’ve made friends with many local farmers and sourced the bounty of heritage meats and magnificent cheeses next door at the Cheese Traveler. It was all on display last night, and most of it worked.


Asparagus and spring onion soup with  sage-infused creme fraiche


Nick’s great focaccia with green garlic butter for dipping


Smoked trout (perfect), pickled baby carrots (great), radish puree (didn’t work for me), maple smoked short rib (a bit tough but I took it home and finished and had it for lunch today)


Strawberry/rhubarb tart with lemon curd vanilla bean ice cream

The price for all this, including non-alcoholic beverage, was around $38 including tax but before tip. All Good Bakers will be having these throughout the summer with two seatings each Wednesday night, and I predict they will get better and better now that Chef Nick Foster has his sea legs. Make your reservations here. And if you don’t live nearby, show this post to your favorite local restaurant and ask them if they’d be interested in doing something similar. It can be a lot of fun for them as well as you.

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