Food for Thought: Ridiculous Food Society

Mr. Dave of Ridiculous Food Society is a native upstate New Yorker who admires my benighted region for some of the same things that drive me up the wall. He has a mysterious job that causes him to spend time in remote towns where he turns up strange local customs and foodstuffs. (My hunch is that he’s a land man for the oil & gas industry.)

On his website you can revel in Mr. Dave’s home made charcuterie, his love of “piss beer”, and his ongoing delight (which I share) in the local Stewart’s convenience store chain. Check it out.

UPDATE: Note that the actual links have been removed due to Mr. Dave’s quirky habit of repeatedly taking down his website and then putting it up on a different URL. Just do a search to find out where he’s hunkering down at present.

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