The beer that dares not speak its name

Chosen Spot... the forbidden beer

Chosen Spot… the forbidden beer!

What we have here is an illegal beer. It was brewed for He’Brew under contract at the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company, and when the BATF inspectors saw the label they said it could not be distributed. The brewery could have replaced the labels, but I guess they couldn’t get the old labels off without ruining the beer, so in the end it was destroyed. So to speak. Let’s say it was a pleasant lager that employed premium ingredients for a rounded, slightly fruity taste.

What’s wrong with the label? My guess is the word “think” in the lower right hand corner. (Click on the picture for a larger view to see this.) Alcoholic beverage manufacturers, like vitamin companies, are not allowed to make any health claims about their product. They cannot imply that using this product will alter the consumer in any way. And “think” perhaps crosses the line—which is sad, because it means our bureaucratic Elliot Ness assumes the consumer is NOT thinking at present.

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