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Taste test: Cranberry sauce

I love cranberry sauce… on Thanksgiving Day turkey, and on the leftovers. But I’ve been pretty undiscriminating until this year. I’ve generally bought a couple of cans of Ocean Spray whole berry as soon as the price drops. As long … Continue reading

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(Don’t) pass (on) the stuffing, please

Thanksgiving stuffing (aka “dressing”) does not seem to be a popular dish these days. I volunteered to make a stuffing recipe in Mrs. Brooks’ third grade class and only two children signed to assist, one of them mine. Then last … Continue reading

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Recipe: Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing

Ingredients: 1 c finely chopped celery ½ c chopped onion ½ c margarine or butter 1 t dried sage leaves, crushed ½ t Kosher salt 8 c dried cubes of bread ¾ c water or chicken or turkey stock Method: … Continue reading

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Recipe: Turkey Wiggle

A classic family dinner recipe that takes advantage of leftover Thanksgiving turkey or turkey on sale. Turkey Wiggle was served at my grandmother’s Christmas party every year when I was young and we never grew tired of it. Original recipe, from … Continue reading

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The sauce that made Mr. Durkee famous

I was introduced to Durkee’s Famous Sauce as a college freshman at the home of my roommate Reynold. His mother invited a homesick boy into their home for Thanksgiving and I discovered a ritual which included eating leftovers in sandwiches … Continue reading

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