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Turkey Sandwich

This is my canonical day-after-Thanksgiving lunch: Sourdough bread Durkee’s dressing (on both pieces of bread) Cranberry sauce Turkey Wilted leftover salad Stuffing with turkey gravy

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Recipe: Bread Machine Bread for Turkey Stuffing

This isn’t meant to be eaten on its own. Rather, it should be cubed or shredded, dried out, and used for turkey stuffing. If you don’t want to do that, then omit the poultry seasoning and sage. Makes 1 2-lb … Continue reading

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Taste test: Cranberry sauce

I love cranberry sauce… on Thanksgiving Day turkey, and on the leftovers. But I’ve been pretty undiscriminating until this year. I’ve generally bought a couple of cans of Ocean Spray whole berry as soon as the price drops. As long … Continue reading

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(Don’t) pass (on) the stuffing, please

Stuffing (aka “dressing”) does not seem to be a popular Thanksgiving dish these days. I volunteered to make a stuffing recipe in Mrs. Brooks’ third grade class and only two children signed to assist, one of them mine. Then last … Continue reading

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Recipe: Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing

Ingredients: 1 c finely chopped celery ½ c chopped onion ½ c margarine or butter 1 t dried sage leaves, crushed ½ t Kosher salt 8 c dried cubes of bread ¾ c water or chicken or turkey stock Method: … Continue reading

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Recipe: Turkey Wiggle

A classic family dinner recipe that takes advantage of leftover Thanksgiving turkey or turkey on sale. This was served at my grandmother’s Christmas party every year when I was young and we never grew tired of it. Original recipe, from … Continue reading

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The sauce that made Mr. Durkee famous

I was introduced to Durkee’s Famous Sauce as a college freshman at the home of my roommate Reynold. His mother invited a homesick boy into their home for Thanksgiving and I discovered a ritual which included eating leftovers in sandwiches … Continue reading

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