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Recipe: Stuffing Pudding (bread pudding made with leftover Thanksgiving stuffing)

Send that final tub of leftover stuffing out with a sweet farewell. Stuffing Pudding is made with Eagle Brand condensed milk, which you may well have around from your holiday bakes. Serves 8-10 as dessert. Ingredients: 4 c leftover bread … Continue reading

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Leftover turkey: the value chameleon

I had a marketing client who referred to his software as the “value chameleon”. It sounds sexy, though I was never sure exactly what he meant. And “value chameleon” is a perfect description for that shape-shifter known as leftover turkey, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving leftovers or Thanksgiving hangovers?

Day-after-Thanksgiving is surely the best of the leftover days. In the very near future we will be desperately chopping suspiciously slippery bits of turkey into hash, or struggling with watery turkey minestrone. But today we feast… on leftover turkey sandwiches. … Continue reading

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Recipe: Amish Creamed Celery

Here’s a refreshingly different side dish to serve at Thanksgiving, when celery is on sale. I went ISO Amish Creamed Celery recipes because I missed out on the wedding feast* at Fisher’s Restaurant during my recent trip to Amish country. … Continue reading

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Stress-free Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house

We love Thanksgiving at Burnt My Fingers. What could be better than a holiday that’s all about food, and celebrating the “blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies” (in the words of President Lincoln, who initiated the holiday in 1863) … Continue reading

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How to know when a recipe is going to suck

The New York Times failed me. I looked at their collection of leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes and plucked out Bang Bang Turkey by Nigella Lawson. I followed it to the letter except for making a couple of strategic substitutions in … Continue reading

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The tyranny of leftovers

Tired of turkey? Sick of stuffing? I’m writing this on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and, if you’re still struggling with leftovers, I hereby give you permission to a/pick the remaining meat off the carcass and freeze in a zip-loc bag; b/make a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Thanksgiving Morning Omelette

What to do with the liver that comes in that bag of parts inside the turkey? It’s too strong tasting to use in stock or gravy, so most folks toss it away. Thanksgiving Morning Omelette is a much better solution. Inspired by … Continue reading

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The secret to foolproof turkey

The guests are coming, you’re onstage to host the holiday meal, and you’ve never cooked a turkey before. But never fear. Foolproof turkey is a lot easier than almost any other showpiece dish as long as you avoid the single … Continue reading

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My Thanksgiving clips post

The great thing about Thanksgiving (the way we celebrate at my house anyways) is that it’s the same year after year. So, no reason to break new ground when a bunch of existing posts cover the subject well enough: We’ll cook … Continue reading

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