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Recipe: Kentucky Short Ribs

Why Kentucky Short Ribs? Because instead of a regular flour dredge, I used the leftover 11 herbs and spices mix from the KFC Chicken recipe. Otherwise, this is a classic prep that will bring out the best in these succulent … Continue reading

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Milking the Milkweed

The milkweed season is almost over and I am glad to come to the end of my culinary explorations of this friendly yet boring wild plant. (Earlier we examined sautéeing the young stalks, and making a side dish out of the … Continue reading

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How to cook and eat milkweed buds

We’re back with the milkweed. The sprouts we were sautéing whole a couple weeks ago are now 3 feet high and producing clusters of buds that very quickly blossom into pretty purple flowers. Should we pick, cook and eat milkweed buds? Of … Continue reading

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