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Recipe: Accident Bread

Accident Bread happened because I was experimenting with Sirvinta wheat, a heritage grain I picked up at the Maine Kneading┬áConference. I was under the impression it was a high extraction flour but the resulting dough was quite different than expected. … Continue reading

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Memories of the 2016 Kneading Conference

On July 28 and 29 I spent a highly entertaining and educational couple of days at the 2016 Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, ME in the company of 250 folks, most of whom were professional bakers or food educators. Skowhegan is … Continue reading

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Taste test: Country-Style Miche

A miche is a rustic loaf made with levain and flour that has retained most of its outer coating of bran and aleurones. Its most distinctive feature is its volume: the typical miche is 4 pounds or more and spreads … Continue reading

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