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What to do with leftover egg whites

Recipes like Fennel Pollen Shortbreads leave me with a fair number of leftover egg whites. Just as with leftover sourdough starter, it gnaws at me to throw these foodstuffs away. So I’ve begun to research solutions. Make Cheese Puffs. This … Continue reading

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Recipe: Egg Foo Young

I had a surfeit of bean sprouts so decided to experiment with this Chinese-American classic. On the way I investigated a few options which will give you better results than mine on your own batch. Serves 4. Ingredients: 6 eggs … Continue reading

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Recipe: Caesar Salad

You really can’t make an authentic Caesar Salad without breaking (raw) eggs. Use a sous vide setup to heat through to 140 degrees if you have any health concerns. 8 side salad servings. Ingredients: 2 heads romaine, washed and torn … Continue reading

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Are coddled eggs safe to eat?

Next week I’m going to share my Caesar salad recipe, but I thought I better put out an advance health advisory: it has raw egg in it. Well, not absolutely raw but as close I can get while observing minimal … Continue reading

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