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Recipe: Salat Maloof (Egyptian Cole Slaw)

There were a lot of Egyptians in Dallas when I was growing up, and the technique for the garlic makes me think this might have been the inspiration for Vincent’s Garlic Slaw. It has a mild, refreshing taste that pairs … Continue reading

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Is head cheese safe to take on an airplane?

At a family event in Dallas this past weekend, I asked my sister to pick up some of the wonderful sour head cheese at Kuby’s German deli so I could bring it home to New York. Then ensued a lively … Continue reading

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Recipe: Funny Bryan’s Texas BBQ Sauce

It ain’t Sonny’s, but it’s in the ballpark. And it’s super easy to make. If you’re going to sauce your meat, this is as good a choice as any. Adapted from this but don’t follow their advice on mopping your … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas Schoolburgers

Along with fallout shelters and “duck and cover”, many students of the Dallas Independent School District from the Cold War era remember a cafeteria hamburger that was an eerie green in color yet oddly flavorful. Here is my tweak of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Dr. Pepper Rice

Not that you would, but you could. From Gerald Ramsey’s “Morning, Noon and Night Cookbook” (1963). 8 servings. Ingredients: 2 c long grain white rice 3 c Dr. Pepper, flat (I use Diet or Dr. Pepper Ten) ¾ t kosher … Continue reading

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Of pepper sauce, sport peppers and pepper sport

The current management added a table service at the Highland Park Cafeteria. You still have to carry your own tray (unless, like many of the patrons, you’re too infirm to do this) but then a solicitous person will stop by … Continue reading

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Recipe: Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw

Vincent’s is a seafood place that was opposite the Dr. Pepper plant on Mockingbird in Dallas, when I was growing up. I visited their new location in Plano, TX and confirmed their garlic slaw is as good as it used to be. Goes … Continue reading

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Recipe: Chopped Spinach Salad with Horseradish

Another favorite from the Highland Park Cafeteria. This makes a nice composed salad for a ladies’ bridge club lunch, I suppose, but the horseradish packs a wallop that interests more manly types. Serves 4. Ingredients: 1 lb spinach, very thoroughly … Continue reading

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Recipe: Squash Casserole a la Highland Park Cafeteria

Real comfort food. Thanks to my daughter Jamaica for figuring out the squash casserole recipe at the Highland Park Cafeteria. Instead of using cracker crumbs, pick up a box of saltines and crumble them very coarsely so some chunks are … Continue reading

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Sour slaw: my obsession continues

So I’m back in Dallas with the opportunity to compare my sour slaw recipe to the original at Highland Park Cafeteria. I’m ready to call it a draw. My concoction is as close as I’m likely to get considering the … Continue reading

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