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The five most popular recipes on Burnt My Fingers (2015 Edition)

I usually do this on our anniversary in September, but am feeling summer laziness so it becomes a fill-in post right now in late July. Anyway, with thousands of clicks apiece, these five are so far ahead that nothing’s likely … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas Schoolburgers (IMPROVED)

After preparing a palatable version using my recollections of school lunches in Dallas and ideas I’d found on the web, I finally bit the bullet and converted the original institutional recipe. Guess what: it is terrific. No idea why we … Continue reading

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A Texas-style cookout

I was gratified by the hundreds of hits on the Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw recipe over the holiday weekend, along with Texas-Style Potato Salad and Highland Park Squash Casserole. Makes me feel good that folks are celebrating with the same … Continue reading

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Recipe: Carrot Pineapple Jello

I was going to share my family’s Southern recipe until I found this version which really is superior. I’ve only made minor tweaks for better management of proportions. Serves 8. Ingredients: 1 3-oz package jello, lemon or orange flavor (we … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mamo’s Carrot Raisin Slaw

A very good and very simple recipe that often made its appearance at holiday buffets when I was growing up in Dallas. Serves 8-12. Ingredients: 4 c grated carrots 1 c raisins/currants/golden raisins in any combination ¼ c mayonnaise 2 … Continue reading

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The burger rant (it’s all about the bun)

Behold the perfect burger*, from Jack’s Burger House on Hillcrest in Dallas, TX. Notice how the meat is a thin yet cohesive layer that curves around a much thicker strata of condiments (sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, coarsely chopped onion and … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas-Style Greens

This prep is very similar to black-eyed peas in that the secret to flavor is starting with a rich broth that has a good amount of fat. Unlike some, I don’t like to drown my greens in broth and I … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas-Style Black-Eyed Peas

The key to good black-eyed peas is a flavorful cooking liquid, ample allium components, and a generous amount of fat. I use dried beans (vs frozen or canned) unless fresh are available. Serves 6-8. Ingredients: ½ lb dried black-eyed peas … Continue reading

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Recipe: Salat Maloof (Egyptian Cole Slaw)

There were a lot of Egyptians in Dallas when I was growing up, and the technique for the garlic makes me think this might have been the inspiration for Vincent’s Garlic Slaw. It has a mild, refreshing taste that pairs … Continue reading

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Is head cheese safe to take on an airplane?

At a family event in Dallas this past weekend, I asked my sister to pick up some of the wonderful sour head cheese at Kuby’s German deli so I could bring it home to New York. Then ensued a lively … Continue reading

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