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Results of our Buffalo Wing Taste Test

As promised, I’m sharing the results of yesterday’s taste test of Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings. All were cooked in a 400 degree oven for 50 minutes and sauced with Frank’s recipe for a butter/hot sauce combo, so the variation is in … Continue reading

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Recipe: Best Way Buffalo Wings

Best Way Buffalo Wings because they’re the winner in our five-way test. The prep has been slightly tweaked to bring it to easy perfection. Allow 8-12 wing pieces per person, so this base recipe will serve about 4. Ingredients: 1/2 … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pickled Celery

Do you have trouble getting through an entire package of supermarket celery? Here’s your solution. After using the first couple of stalks for your stuffing or tuna salad, pickle the rest of it. Pickled celery great with wings or Bloody Marys. … Continue reading

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Buffalo Wings… what’s up with that?

I spent an enjoyable Saturday with several other local food bloggers comparing the Buffalo wings at several local emporia. Upstate New Yorkers are passionate about their wings and everybody has their favorite place, which tends to also be the bar … Continue reading

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