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Jake’s Famous Barbecue Sauce… good enough to pour on my meat!

Of the hundreds of products I tasted at last month’s Winter Fancy Food Show, Jake’s Famous barbecue sauces really stood out. His Asian-inspired Blue Oak reminded me of the complex espresso sauce provided at the legendary Franklin’s in Austin. It … Continue reading

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Men, fire and food: a visit with Bruce Frankel of Spitjack

Bruce Frankel was a chef with an idea. Tired of long hours and not great financial success at a Boston nouvelle cuisine (remember?) fine dining place in the 1980s, he decided to do something entrepreneurial. He looked at molecular gastronomy … Continue reading

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Recipe: Cornell-Style Grilled Chicken

This is the tasty “barbecue” chicken served at church socials throughout the Northeast U.S. Recipe makes enough to marinade and grill two whole chickens; if making just one chicken (or equivalent in pieces) you can refrigerate the leftover marinade (before … Continue reading

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The Cornell Chicken and the Egg

My friend and fellow food blogger Deanna Fox wrote a great piece a while back on the origins of Cornell Chicken. This is a serving method and chicken marinade that was created at Cornell University in the 1940s as a … Continue reading

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How to rate Texas BBQ

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Austin, TX recently which means a lot of trips to Texas BBQ places. Most of it was good, some great, though I still believe nobody approaches Snow’s as the best barbecue in … Continue reading

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Recipe: Funny Bryan’s Texas BBQ Sauce

It ain’t Sonny’s, but it’s in the ballpark. And it’s super easy to make. If you’re going to sauce your meat, this is as good a choice as any. Adapted from this but don’t follow their advice on mopping your … Continue reading

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A brisket revelation at Snow’s BBQ

This morning I made the 90-minute journey from Austin to Lexington, TX to once again partake of what’s often called the world’s best barbecue. (Since each hunk of meat and chunk of wood is unique, there can be no objective … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas-style potato salad

A Texas style potato salad is definitely going to have eggs and yellow mustard in there, and probably some chopped up pimentos. Tastes better the next day, so plan ahead. Makes enough for a neighborhood barbecue (around 12 servings). Ingredients: … Continue reading

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Corned Beef Barbecue!

In honor of my late dad, a WWII vet who loved outdoor cookery, I spent Memorial Day smoking up some truly strange stuff. Here are the results, on a scale of 5=oh, yeah! To 1=are you kidding me? Smoked Corned … Continue reading

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Recipe: Bonehead BBQ Chicken

About as easy as it gets. Ingredients: 8 oz Wishbone Italian Dressing 1 chicken, cut into serving size pieces Method: Pour the dressing over the chicken, stir to mix, marinate for 8 hours stirring several times to distribute the marinade. … Continue reading

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