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Recipe: Cornell-Style Grilled Chicken

This is the tasty “barbecue” chicken served at church socials throughout the Northeast U.S. Recipe makes enough to marinade and grill two whole chickens; if making just one chicken (or equivalent in pieces) you can refrigerate the leftover marinade (before … Continue reading

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The Cornell Chicken and the Egg

My friend and fellow food blogger Deanna Fox wrote a great piece a while back on the origins of Cornell Chicken. This is a serving method and chicken marinade that was created at Cornell University in the 1940s as a … Continue reading

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How to rate Texas BBQ

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Austin, TX recently which means a lot of trips to Texas BBQ places. Most of it was good, some great, though I still believe nobody approaches Snow’s as the best barbecue in … Continue reading

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A brisket revelation at Snow’s BBQ

This morning I made the 90-minute journey from Austin to Lexington, TX to once again partake of what’s often called the world’s best barbecue. (Since each hunk of meat and chunk of wood is unique, there can be no objective … Continue reading

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Recipe: My brisket recipe, revisited

After the writeup on Texas barbecue, several folks asked if I would repost my original brisket recipe as text, not an image, for easier reading. Here you go. I’ve added a few thoughts on technique, in italics. This recipe came … Continue reading

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