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Food for Thought: Koreafornian Cooking

Koreafornian Cooking is the website of Tammy Quackenbush, a food writer and promoter based in San Francisco. It’s loaded with articles about the fusion of Korean and California culture through California kimchi makers, snack-of-the-month programs for hungry Korean expats and … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: The Food Lab

Feeling a little J. Kenji Lopez-Alt-deprived with Serious Eats’ new eye candy format? The Food Lab is your medicine. It collects and organizes his best posts through the years, in a volume heavy enough to pound a cutlet. There are … Continue reading

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Enough with the fruitcake jokes…

Bon vivant Calvin Trillin wrote that there is actually only one fruitcake in the world, and it is continually re-gifted each holiday season. That fruitcake joke, or a variation, has had just as much recycling to the point that giving … Continue reading

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Behold… the wedge!

Have you noticed? The wedge salad is quite the thing in high end steakhouses recently. The concept is simple: cut a triangle of chilled iceberg lettuce, and pile stuff on it. Blue cheese dressing (preferably house made, with lots of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Thanksgiving Morning Omelette

What to do with the liver that comes in that bag of parts inside the turkey? It’s too strong tasting to use in stock or gravy, so most folks toss it away. Thanksgiving Morning Omelette is a much better solution. Inspired by … Continue reading

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Recipe index…. check it out!

For way too long I’ve been promising to index the recipes on this site, which are now close to 200. I’ve just installed the Visual Recipe Index plugin, which you can see in action here. At last you can see … Continue reading

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How Cheese Traveler sells artisanal cheese in the land of mild provolone

Eric Paul was one of the first food people I met when I moved to upstate New York in 2008. He’d been depicted by Daniel B of FUSSYlittleBLOG as an iconic figure who roamed the land in an overcoat filled … Continue reading

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Recipe: French* Dressing

Here’s a midcentury classic from a jingoistic time when Americans (and specifically Kraft Foods) were happy to take international flavors and give them a uniquely inauthentic makeover. French Dressing is tangy, a bit heavy, but delicious on a composed Chef Salad … Continue reading

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Food for thought… ChefTalk

ChefTalk is “a food lover’s link to professional chefs” where regular folk can ask questions and get detailed answers based on a lifetime of learning and practicing pro strategies. Here is an example–a thread in which a starving college student … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pickled Beets

I followed the pickled beets recipe in Food in Jars, which is an excellent source of canning advice, but reduced the sugar content significantly. These are nice with arugula or green lettuce, blue cheese and glazed walnuts and a mustardy … Continue reading

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