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Enough with the fruitcake jokes…

Bon vivant Calvin Trillin wrote that there is actually only one fruitcake in the world, and it is continually re-gifted each holiday season. That fruitcake joke, or a variation, has had just as much recycling to the point that giving … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is my Instant Pot

Am I the last one to know about the Instant Pot? If the answer is no, it’s YOU then there is still time to get/ask for one of these beauties for Christmas/Hanukkah. Just click the Amazon affiliate image above. Instant … Continue reading

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Sussing out Saratoga Restaurant Week 2016

We’re at the midpoint of Saratoga Restaurant Week 2016, and I’ve made an earnest effort to review the meals that are on offer at $5 or $10 for lunch, $10, $20 or $30 for dinner. Some restauranteurs complain about restaurant … Continue reading

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The tyranny of leftovers

Tired of turkey? Sick of stuffing? I’m writing this on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and, if you’re still struggling with leftovers, I hereby give you permission to a/pick the remaining meat off the carcass and freeze in a zip-loc bag; b/make a … Continue reading

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Life imitates art at Soup Man

Does this strike anybody else as weird? A character modeled after Ali “Al” Yeganeh, the crotchety proprietor of the International Soup Kitchen in midtown Manhattan, was featured in the famous “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld. In order to be served … Continue reading

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Toné Dehydrated Onions

At one time I made frequent car trips between the San Francisco Bay Area and southern Oregon. I’d always stop at the same Arco station for food. It offered those terrible pre-cooked wrapped cheeseburgers, but with an irresistible topping: dried onions that had been … Continue reading

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Rolling with the Bad Boys, Broads and Bootleggers Tour

There was no finer way to decompress on the Saturday before Election Day than an afternoon wandering the neighborhoods of the Capital District on a chartered CDTA bus (we don’t do blackened-window Google land yachts here) for a touristic adventure sponsored … Continue reading

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How to hack your prime rib dinner

Last night I enjoyed a prime rib dinner at House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. This is a fine specimen of the genre, with long waits for tables and toque’d carvers rolling silver trays hither and yon. The concept … Continue reading

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Is it okay to eat in the car?

If you are a regular Burnt My Fingers reader, you’ve surely asked yourself this question at one time or another: Is it okay to eat in the car? Of course, we’re not talking about a handful of chips or nuts, but that bahn … Continue reading

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Silly about shiso

Shiso is an aromatic bitter herb with a flavor profile in the same ballpark as mint and Thai basil: metallic, sharply sour but with a hint of sweetness, and an underlay of smoke or maybe cinnamon. The big (3-4” across) shiso … Continue reading

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