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Whole Foods top trends (what Amazon wants to sell us in 2018)

I don’t normally (actually never) print press releases verbatim, but this is interesting because it’s the first full-on screed since Amazon took over Whole Foods and everybody wants to know what they are going to do next. “Top trends” is … Continue reading

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Have some Election Cake, and please be civil

While most of America takes a year off from politics (just kidding), my quaint hamlet of Saratoga Springs, NY is winding up a particularly divisive election season. Till next Tuesday I’ll be out canvassing for the side I support, but … Continue reading

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Recipe: Best Sour Slaw

Best Sour Slaw is just that, or at least much better than all the versions I struggled with in my long-ago obsessiveness. The proportions have been dramatically rejiggered, and we’ve added a new ingredient, dried mustard, to open up the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Maple Bacon Squash

I used delicata for my maple bacon squash, but butternut, acorn or kabocha would work as well. You could also cut the squash into cubes and drizzle the bacon grease/butter/maple syrup on top. A just-rich-enough accompaniment to grilled chicken or … Continue reading

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No reason not to eat at Burger 21

After posting the results of our Tour of Better Burgers, I was invited back to try the seasonal specialties at Burger 21 in Latham. This gave me a chance to learn more about the business model of this store that … Continue reading

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Recipe: Jack Daniels-Style Baked Beans

The Jack Daniels folks are smart marketers, but you don’t have to use that expensive bourbon to make Jack Daniels-style beans. I prefer Evan Williams and it works very nicely. An I-can’t-stop-eating-it barbecue essential, along with slaw and potato salad. … Continue reading

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Food for thought: How to evaluate a new cookbook

This was going to be a review and recommendation of Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-Christian Jury. The book had received a glowing write up in the very uneven Saturday “Off Duty” section of the Wall Street Journal, and I was … Continue reading

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Recipe: Better-than-KFC Cole Slaw

Better-than-KFC Cole Slaw is superior to the original because it’s less sweet and syrupy, just good Buttermilk Cole Slaw like the Colonel intended. 6-8 servings. Ingredients: ½ head green cabbage, about 1 ½ lbs 2 medium carrots, about ½ lb … Continue reading

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Touring the better burger chains

The Albany suburb of Latham, NY is blessed with an abundance of upscale burger stores. Four can be found along a two-mile stretch on Louden Road and a fifth is a short hop away. Thus, a group of intrepid Yelpers … Continue reading

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Recipe: Sweet Smoke Cocktail

We have an excellent local bar called Hamlet & Ghost where I was introduced to the Don Lockwood, a cocktail combining  rye-heavy bourbon and smoky Islay Scotch. (Don Lockwood is the character Gene Kelly plays in Singin’ in the Rain; … Continue reading

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