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Battle of the tiny tube steaks: mini-hot dog taste test

In honor of National Hot Dog Day we attended a mini-hot dog taste test, comparing five prominent vendors in upstate New York. Interns from Gramercy Communications sped to the five locations and brought back their payload at roughly the same … Continue reading

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Recipe: Digger Bread

Welcome to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco. The other day I drove past the Panhandle, a mile long grassy strip where the Diggers gave away bread to keep people nourished while they were grooving. … Continue reading

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Side towel vs. pot holder

Among the many pleasures of Michael Ruhlman’s Making of a Chef is a generous helping of kitchen technique and best practices, gleaned through his introductory Skills class at the Culinary Institute of America. The use of the side towel is a … Continue reading

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My take on the David Brooks “I’ll have a side of white privilege” covfefe

New York Times columnist David Brooks recently wrote a piece on white privilege in which he pointed out all the ways American society is subtly tilted in favor of people who are already well off, so they and their offspring … Continue reading

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More nuggets and nibbles from the Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show

Korean! That’s the food trend that is about to come into its own, if the many Korean-focused exhibitors at the Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show are any guide. We will finally replace sriracha with gochugang, stock our fridges with two … Continue reading

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Healthy trends at the Summer 2017 Fancy Food Show

It was easy to spot the predominant trend at last week’s Fancy Food Show in New York: aggressively healthy products as in paleo (minimally processed, in the tradition of our hunter/gatherer forebears), probiotic (promoting a healthy gut, usually through fermented … Continue reading

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Recipe: 4th of July Hamburger

Burnt My Fingers has never published a hamburger recipe, because we tend to improvise with what is on hand and tweak as we go. But this 4th of July hamburger demonstrates a couple of basic concepts, and it’s delicious. First, … Continue reading

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Edwards Surryano ham… it’s back (almost)!

Tucked away in the regional food aisles of the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show was something mighty exciting: an authentic leg of Surryano ham from Edwards Smokehouse of Virginia. As I’ve mentioned previously, Edwards’ main smokehouse burned down and has … Continue reading

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The best exhibitor at the Fancy Food Show has a local (Albany) connection

I just got back from the Summer Fancy Food Show at NYC’s Javits Convention Center. I go to this show to see what’s new and keep up with trends in the food industry, but I also take personal pleasure in … Continue reading

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Recipe: Best-Way Texas Caviar

Cue angels singing. “Texas Caviar” is a bean salad featuring black eye peas doused in vinaigrette. The original was invented by Helen Corbett, the James Beard of Texas, and popularized at the legendary Neiman-Marcus Zodiac Room. Today there are infinite … Continue reading

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