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A cautionary tale of ethnic food tourism

My recent search for gelled tripe drew a rebuke from William Woyes Weaver, founder and director of the Keystone Center and the recognized authority on Pennsylvania foodways. While giving me some sourcing tips which I’m pursuing, he pointed out that pickled … Continue reading

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How Spark Social solves the food truck problem

I’ve eaten at a lot of food trucks. Individual roach coaches, of course, but also renowned food truck gardens in Austin, at San Francisco’s Off the Grid and Sundays in the Presidio, and various food truck rodeos in New York’s … Continue reading

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The truth about Amish buffets

Are Pennsylvania Amish buffets—where diners pay a hefty sum for all-you-can-eat carbohydrate payloads—hypocritical, grotesque, or even evil? You’d think so if you pay attention to critics like the Chowhounder who recently moved back to Lancaster and wants to promote the … Continue reading

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ISO pickled tripe perfection

It says a lot about our readership that Pickled Tripe is one of the most popular recipes on Burnt My Fingers. Good on ya, mates, as I think they say down under. However, on my recent trip to Pennsylvania Amish country … Continue reading

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In search of the seven sweets and seven sours

“If you’re looking for the seven sweets and seven sours, you’ve missed it by 20 years.” So said a waitress at Dienner’s, an Amish buffet restaurant in Ronks, PA, when I visited in 2012. Needless to say, I’ve been scheming … Continue reading

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Toné’s Minced Onions: deyhdrated and delicious

There was a time when I made frequent car trips back and forth between the Bay Area and Southern California. The Route 5 interstate was fast but boring, and I always took a break at an Arco gas and snack … Continue reading

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Of course I’ll pay $300 for barbecue!

We received an email from Eater the other day with the irritating subject line, Would you pay $300 for barbecue? The story was about an outfit called Goldbely which specializes in packing rare foodstuffs for safe shipping and charges accordingly. … Continue reading

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Recipe: Cuban-Style Cole Slaw

Cuban-style Cole Slaw is “Cuban” because it has white vinegar. That make it the perfect accompaniment to my Cuban sandwich and black beans and rice. Serves 4. Ingredients: ½ medium cabbage, shredded, about 1 ½ lb 3 T olive oil … Continue reading

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One simple trick to avoid a “nothing burger”

I stopped in at Country Drive-Inn, a locally famous spot in Clifton Park NY, to pick up some food for a road trip. I ordered their legendary onion rings plus a cheeseburger. Couldn’t resist a nibble of the rings before … Continue reading

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Battle of the tiny tube steaks: mini-hot dog taste test

In honor of National Hot Dog Day we attended a mini-hot dog taste test, comparing five prominent vendors in upstate New York. Interns from Gramercy Communications sped to the five locations and brought back their payload at roughly the same … Continue reading

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