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Our top five non-recipe posts, 2017 edition

In recognition of the sixth anniversary of Burnt My Fingers, here are the top five non-recipe posts that scored the most hits in the past 12 months: What’s the best flour for baking bread? This post far outputs any other … Continue reading

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Lan Chi Chili Paste with Garlic

In retail, there’s Amazon. In Asian condiments, there’s Lee Kum Kee. This maker of good-but-not-great sauces and relishes has been gobbling up shelf space in Oriental markets to the detriment of smaller brands, notably Lan Chi. Lan Chi used to … Continue reading

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Our top 5 (or so) recipes (2017 edition)

It’s that time again! September is the 6th anniversary of the Burnt My Fingers blog, and as in previous years we look back at the recipes that have generated the most clicks over the last 12 months. Or, not. The … Continue reading

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Recipe: Leo Y’s Olivie (Russian Potato Salad)

My friend Leo Y brought this famous salad, a staple at Russian festive events, to a Yelp potluck. He emphasizes that the cubes of each element must be equal in size for a proper olivie; in fact, according to his … Continue reading

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Foor for Thought: My New Roots

I found my way to Sarah Britton’s My New Roots blog because Josey Baker credited her as the inspiration for his Adventure Bread. (She calls it the “Life-Changing Loaf of Bread”.)  Britton is a nutritionist, originally from New York, who has … Continue reading

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Teeny Tiny Spice Company brings big flavor… get some now

Teeny Tiny Spice Company is a semi-local business, right up the road from me in Shelburne, VT. They have not paid me to write this post or given me any free product. I am just here to tell you that … Continue reading

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Recipe: Josey Baker’s Everything Bread

Everything Bread captures the garlicky, seed-y essence of an everything bagel but with the added tang of Josey Baker’s sourdough. Josey gave me some clues about the preparation; I guessed the rest and think I got pretty close to what … Continue reading

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Salumi perfection at Dancing Ewe Farm

I first encountered Jody Somer’s cacciatorini, or hunter’s little sausages (or little hunter’s sausages) on a visit to Dancing Ewe Farm several years ago. We were there for a dinner sponsored by Tango Fusion, a local dance studio, on a … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: As American as Shoofly Pie

As American as Shoofly Pie is about half history and half recipes, making it a good introduction to Pennsylvania folkways from the leading authority. Wiliam Woyes Weaver has lived in the Pennsylvania Dutch region for much of his life so … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale of ethnic food tourism

My recent search for gelled tripe drew a rebuke from William Woyes Weaver, founder and director of the Keystone Center and the recognized authority on Pennsylvania foodways. While giving me some sourcing tips which I’m pursuing, he pointed out that pickled … Continue reading

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