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White Sauce

White Sauce work-in-progress

The other night I made shish kabob and wanted some white sauce to drizzle on the accompanying pilaf. You know, like the Halal Guys white sauce dished out from their truck in Manhattan. But not exactly. I also wanted it to be light and refreshing like a traditional Greek tsadziki (but without the pureed cucumber which makes it too watery). And it wouldn’t be bad if it had a family resemblance to the garlic spread (thicker than a sauce) at Goood Frickin’ Chicken in San Francisco.

For my baseline effort I assembled ½ c mayo, ¼ c greek yoghurt, 1 very large garlic clove, 2 T white vinegar, ½ dried dill weed and a pinch each of sumac and white pepper. Whirled until puréed with an immersion blender. The result was too thin, but otherwise not bad at all. Use it as a starting point if you would like to play along; we will be returning to this challenge periodically during 2018.

By the way, if you want to have some Internet fun google “Halal Guys White Sauce Recipe”. You will be delighted with the range of emollients and spices in these experiments, many apparently goaded on by the Halal Guys themselves. It isn’t actually that great a sauce to begin with, so we definitely will do better.

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