Recipe: Pickled Turnips Mediterranean-style

Pickled Turnips

Pickled Turnips Mediterranean-Style

The pickled turnips at Falafel’s Drive-In in Cupertino, CA were so good I’d order extras on the side. Here’s my re-creation, with help from the Jerusalem cookbook. (I’ve tweaked Ottolenghi’s recipe which I feel is not sour enough.) A good accompaniment to hummus or shish kabob, or as a component of a mezze platter.

2-3 lbs turnips of similar size
1 medium or 2 small beets
1/2 jalapeƱo, sliced thin (optional)
1 3/4 c distilled white vinegar
3 c water
Kosher salt

Method: peel the turnips and beets and cut into 1-inch chunks. Place in a non-reactive bowl and sprinkle with 1 T salt, then toss with spoon or your hands (they will turn pink) till all surfaces are coated. Cover with a plate and cure overnight. The next day, transfer the vegetables and their juices to a large jar. Add chiles and 3 T salt, then vinegar and water; close the jar and shake to dissolve the salt. Add more water and vinegar in a ratio of 7 parts vinegar to 12 parts water to cover the vegetables. Place in a well-lit spot for 4 days. The pickles will be ready when they have a nice tang and no longer taste raw. Will keep in refrigerator for a couple of months.

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