Leftover turkey: the value chameleon

Healthy Turkey Sandwich

Turkey sandwich with sprouts and avocado

I had a marketing client who referred to his software as the “value chameleon”. It sounds sexy, though I was never sure exactly what he meant. And “value chameleon” is a perfect description for that shape-shifter known as leftover turkey, as demonstrated by tonight’s dinner.

Once again it was a turkey sandwich with two sides, but as different from the day-after sandwich as a 15 Church burger is from Burger 21. Multigrain bread was spread with avocado, topped with alfalfa sprouts and sliced tomato and finished with a bit of sliced jalapeño; kewpie mayo coated the other bread surface. Sides were leftover sweet potatoes enriched with cinnamon and maple syrup so they were halfway to a dessert, and welcome creamed celery discovered among the small containers in the back of the fridge.

Is there such a thing as too many turkey sandwiches? The rest of this year’s bounty (which I estimate as close to half a bird, sans bones) is going into the freezer, so that answer will wait for another day.

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