Our top five non-recipe posts, 2017 edition

In recognition of the sixth anniversary of Burnt My Fingers, here are the top five non-recipe posts that scored the most hits in the past 12 months:

  1. What’s the best flour for baking bread? This post far outputs any other non-recipe screed on our site and ranks high on the first page for Google, simply because it answers a question any novice baker is likely to have. My answer is somewhat of a rant, but accurate.
  2. The sauce that made Mr. Durkee famous. Including this one is a bit of a cheat because it predates this venue and was ported over from my marketing blog. But its popularity speaks for itself. As will be seen, the various custodians of the Durkee brand have proven better sauce (and paint) makers than marketers.
  3. Turkey Joints from Nora’s of Rome, NY. Our account of a strange journey across the frozen tundra of upstate New York in winter, in pursuit of an unusual regional treat. If you like local color posts like this, do some rabbit-holing in the search box for phrases like “barbecue” and “pickles”.
  4. Finlaggan: the Two-Buck Chuck of Islay single malts. A new entry in the top five! And notable because most of the text is marked for deletion. That crafty Trader Joe introduced a bargain Islay Scotch, then changed the formula on us. We kept the original post up for folks who were looking for it, but struck through the no longer applicable accolades so you won’t be tricked into actually buying some.
  5. The cure for watery steak. Evidently a lot of people have this problem, which I first discovered in a steak tourism book. The remedy, as will be seen, is easy and painless.

That was quick. So now click a few links and do some reading. See you in 2018!

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