Teeny Tiny Spice Company brings big flavor… get some now

Teeny Tiny Spices

My well-used rotation of Teeny Tiny Spice Company blends

Teeny Tiny Spice Company is a semi-local business, right up the road from me in Shelburne, VT. They have not paid me to write this post or given me any free product. I am just here to tell you that you should buy some of their spice blends, stat.

The cans in the photo are now in my regular rotation. The Hot Italian Spice is what it says and makes a great addition to any tomato sauce or Italian-accented vinaigrette. (Your other ingredients should be a 3/1 blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar plus salt and pepper, garlic, and maybe a dash of sugar.) The Persian Adwiya is magical stuff, with rose petals, cinnamon and lemon zest as the first three ingredients; I have been using this in a steak marinade with fish sauce, red wine and olive oil. The Za’atar is a solid rendition of this wonderful blend which leads with sumac, marjoram and thyme.

If you are lucky enough to live near Burlington, VT or Saratoga Springs, NY you can buy Teeny Tiny spice mixtures at Healthy Living Market (which is where we found them). If not, you can buy direct or place a trial order on Amazon Prime for a dollar more. If you order direct you get free shipping at $35 or more, and the tins are $9.95 each so you’ll need to add one more in addition to my three; I would suggest the Berbere.

Each of my tins holds 80 g/2.8 oz and tightly seals so they keep their flavor a long time. They’re certified organic and Kosher and GMO-free. And your bitcoin is welcome when you order online! What’s not to like? Give these good folks a try.

P.S. Hate spice blends on principle? I hear you and in general agree because I would rather mix my own, plus sometimes you come across a nice blend then run out and you can’t replace it. But I make a few exceptions, like Burger House Seasoned Salt and these guys.

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  1. Philip Henderson says:

    Like you I prefer to mix my own spices, but these sound wonderful. More creative than I usually am especially including rose petals. Thanks for the suggestions.

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