Amazon’s Prime Sweets Button

Dash Prime Sweets Butto

Dash Prime Sweets Button

What if you could press a button and, two days later, a box of delicious ribs and brisket showed up at your door? And each box was from one of America’s finest pitmasters? Would that be something you could get behind?

Well, it ain’t happening. But Amazon appears to be experimenting with something similar: Amazon Prime Sweets. To quote the email I received, “you can be one of the first to try the new Prime Surprise Sweets, a box of curated artisan treats you can request with the push of a Dash Button. We’ve scoured the country for the best artisan treats and every time you push the button, we’ll deliver a new box that now has at least four full size items!”

This seems like an idea that is very much in the beta stage: you can’t actually sign up for the program, just request an invitation which “will be sent within one week and contain a link to purchase your Dash Button.” And they warn they won’t be delivering chocolate during the summer months, which may be a deal killer. But near-instant gourmet gratification is an interesting concept, much better than the Dash buttons for ordering detergent or toilet paper.

The button costs $5 (refundable with your first order) and the box itself is $18 (with free two-day Prime shipping, of course). If you want to get on the invite list, here is a link. Warning: it may work only for folks whom Amazon has pre-qualified through their email address.

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