Food for Thought: Thrillist

I visit Serious Eats less often these days, probably because the tags for articles on the home page have been replaced with big eye-candy food porn graphics. (The content’s still there, but you have to work to find it.) As a replacement, I’ve developed a guiltily pleasurable relationship with the food and drink section of Thrillist.

Thrillist is one of those link-bait sites that happens to have some good content along with the ads. I especially like the city guides, though they are of varying quality because they are written by stringers and so only as good as the person reporting. But it’s a fun read and won’t cost you anything. Sample content (which will change by the time you get there, probably): The 33 best sandwich shops in America, ranked. Nine Taco Bell hacks you’ll be pissed you didn’t know. And (I would have liked to be the writer on this one) Signs you’re in a bullshit steakhouse.

There’s also a daily email newsletter worth subscribing to. Just watch out for fake news. Check it out.

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