Five most popular non-recipe posts on Burnt My Fingers

We have a few big shifts in these guys as we celebrate our fifth anniversary.

  1. What’s the best flour for baking bread? Yes, that’s a good question and we answer it along with an explanation.

  2. The sauce that made Mr. Durkee famous. The current owner of the brand is not interested in its history but our readers certainly are.

  3. Why I’m not buying a Sansaire sous vide device. The alternative device I recommended has long since been discontinued, but folks keep coming back for discussion. Be sure to read the comments.

  4. Turkey Joints from Nora’s of Rome, NY. A secondary mission is to explore the quirky food traditions of upstate New York, where your correspondent spends most of his time. I made a detour on a bitter cold day and got some, but not all, of the story of this esoteric candy.

  5. Stuff to Buy. This page provides Amazon links to some hard to find or especially handy kitchen items which we use on a regular basis. We get a small commission if you end up ordering them, which helps pay for the pixels.

Also, these didn’t make the top five but get honorable mention for orneriness of the commenters. Check out Can Barbecue Be Racist? (I knew that title would be like squirting lighter fluid on a raging fire) and A Long Strange Trip to the Perfect Pickle.

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