Food for Thought: Phi Beta Phi Cookbook

Phi Beta Phi Cookbook

My mother’s Phi Beta Phi cookbook

My mother’s Phi Beta Phi Cookbook, published in 1936, is the source of the Turkey Wiggle (nee Chicken Wiggle) served at my grandmother’s holiday parties. It’s a popular download from Burnt My Fingers, particularly after Thanksgiving.

I’m actually puzzled as to where this cookbook came from since my mother was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a rival sorority. I recently dug into its spiral bound pages and found quite a few items I look forward to trying and sharing, from a time when gelatin salads were a high art form and any good cook was expected to have a jar of pimento stuffed olives and a jar of cocktail onions on hand.

For now, here are some “Good Things To Know” from Mrs. Booth of Toronto. I’d certainly like to get my hands on one of those “fancy baskets”:
Good things to know

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