My Thanksgiving clips post

The great thing about Thanksgiving (the way we celebrate at my house anyways) is that it’s the same year after year. So, no reason to break new ground when a bunch of existing posts cover the subject well enough:

We’ll cook our turkey this way following the options from with a light brining, stuffing, and roasting at moderate heat with a paper towel or cheesecloth covered with oil or butter over the breast till the last half hour. We’ll use this stuffing recipe, though we’ll dial back the spices because we will be using our bread machine bread for stuffing  which has the spices already mixed in, accompanied by fresh cranberry sauce which, according to our taste test, is the best option and very easy.

The next day we’ll have turkey sandwiches on some good stiff country sourdough with leftover stuffing, gravy, wilted salad and cranberry sauce, nicely lubricated with Durkee’s Famous Sauce. And then the real work begins as we figure out what to do with the remaining 15 pounds or so of turkey.

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