How to do Thanksgiving right

This year we got super lazy and did not brine our turkey, did not lay in fresh cranberries, and most of all did not make elaborate social plans. Yet as the day dawns bright and snowy I have no doubt the meal (served around 5 pm) will be great. I think it’s the size of the bird more than any other factor that intimidates some folks. But this really is a straightforward meal that can be a lot of fun, especially if several people work on it together to do Thanksgiving right.

I have never written a post on how I cook my turkey. It’s always stuffed, usually brined, and roasted at moderate heat with a paper towel soaked in butter or olive oil covering the breast till the last hour so it doesn’t overcook. (Here’s a good reference article on the best way to cook brined and unbrined turkey from

On Burnt My Fingers you will find a simple but very reliable recipe for stuffing, an elaborate taste test of cranberry sauce (fresh is best and very easy, following the instructions on the package), and a reminder to pick up a jar of Durkee’s Famous Sauce for your leftovers tomorrow. You might get adventurous with Tomatillo Jam (served instead of, or in addition to, the cranberry sauce) and maybe some Squash Casserole. Dress your salad with my Skinny Vinaigrette combined with some good olive oil and save a portion to serve, nice and wilted, on your sandwich tomorrow. Have a good day, and don’t eat too much.

Just kidding about that last part.

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